Be the Greatest Product Manager Ever: Master Six Proven Skills to Get the Career You Want
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Be the Greatest Product Manager Ever

By: Lewis C. Lin


A new book from Lewis C. Lin, an best-selling author and world-famous product management expert

Be the Greatest Product Manager Ever is the playbook on how you can move up the PM career ladder. This book is suitable for PMs of all levels from individual contributors to senior executives.

Features the ESTEEM Method™, six proven skills to get the career you want

Be the Greatest Product Manager Ever features Lewis C. Lin’s brand-new career management framework: the ESTEEM Method™. The ESTEEM Method™ details, for the first time ever, the six core competencies you need to move up in your PM career:


Superior Communication Skills

Tactical Awareness

Extraordinary Mental Toughness

Exceptional Team Builder

Moonshot Vision

Unlike other books, Lin explains not only why but also how. In other words, Lin will reveal his secret frameworks, tools, and wisdom to strengthen your ESTEEM™ competencies including:

  • How to Start Every New Job
  • How to Start Every New Job
  • How to Figure Out What to Do
  • How Stuff Gets Done: System 1 and 2
  • How to Sound Authoritative Like a Professor
  • How to Establish Your Value
  • How to Get Others to Do What You Want
  • How to Play Office Politics
  • The One Interview Question You Need to Ask
  • Explain Why Your New Direct Reports Will Struggle
  • How to SCAMPER Your Way to a Moonshot Vision
  • Why the Best Visionaries Get into Technical Details

If you've ever wondered what you need to do move up the PM career ladder, Lin provides the secret tools, frameworks, and wisdom to make it to the top from PM to CEO.