Becoming a More Strategic Product Manager: Nine Lessons, Nine Days
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Becoming a More Strategic Product Manager

By: Todd Birzer


Product management—done right—should span a healthy mix of the tactical and strategic, but too many product managers get buried in the tactical and underinvest in the strategic. This book is designed to help you, as a product manager, become more strategic—learning what work to say “no” to, and what to say “yes” to—and amplifying your impact on your company and its long-term product portfolio.

This book is set up in a series of nine lessons over nine days. In our Day 1 discussion, we’ll reorient ourselves toward the—often underinvested—strategic parts of our job. And we’ll talk through the non-core tactical areas of our work that we should gracefully shed.

From Day 2 through Day 8, we’ll focus on those areas of our jobs that we should lean into for maximum impact, those areas we should say an emphatic “yes” to. We’ll dive into customer needs, competitive analysis, strategy development, prioritization of development efforts, continuous discovery and delivery, pricing, and finding growth.

On Day 9, we’ll look at the full package—the practical steps you can take over the next three, six, and nine months to delight your customers, lengthen your competitive lead, and generate more than your fair share of profits.