Hiring Product Managers: Using Product EQ to go beyond culture and skills
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Hiring Product Managers

By: Kate Leto


For many in Product Management, success comes from mastery of tools like roadmaps, MVPs, strategy frameworks and OKRs. These and other technical skills describe what a product person does to design, build and support new complex
technologies for our users. But as technologies quickly become ubiquitous, it’s the human approach to creativity, innovation, decision-making, and leadership that makes the difference in whether an individual, team, product, and even organization
is successful or not. These human skills describe how a product person works and must go hand-in-hand with the technical skills.

Through the story of a new director of product’s missteps as he and his team try to hire their way to become a thriving product organisation at a global financial services firm, the author pulls from her experience in product management, org design and leadership coaching to introduce practical tools that will change not only how an organisation hires, but how they think of a healthy product management culture and essential product skills. Working together, the team begins
to understand and grow their Product EQ, and through the easy tools and exercises in this book, so can you.

“This book is a fantastic catalyst to rethink which skills you need in a product team in order to be truly
innovative - and then details exactly how to change both your hiring and coaching practices to foster
those skills in your organisation.”
Martin Eriksson | Co-Author, Product Leadership 

 “ I loved this book. It pin points the aspects of Product Management we often gloss over, hiring the
right people. Kate shows us that human skills are a pre-requisite for all successful product people, not
just technical skills. Follow her advice and approach, and you’ll find the right product person for your
product team in no time.”
Adrienne Tan | Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Brainmates