Lean DevOps: A Practical Product Management Handbook for an Agile Workforce
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Lean DevOps

By: O'Neill Ian


The use of DevOps has challenged many businesses for some time, and for a few it has truly transformed their ability to deliver value to their customers.  However, for the majority of DevOps advocates who have yet to mature their mindsets may not have evolved in the same way as the shining examples that have shown success.  To this end a new need has emerged to help DevOps, to help business better manage digital projects and their transformations/change programmes. A course correction and new approach is needed to move away from project management towards more successful software product delivery outcomes. Lean has been proven to be successful in delivering better outcomes and has helped cultivate a better fitting culture within businesses.  By enabling a wider user audience to better satisfy and communicate the needs of the business vision, through Lean practices, approaches and frictionless visual controls, the enterprise can achieve greater levels of success faster through inclusive collaboration.  Is this the missing link needed to help DevOps to become more successful in delivering better aligned outcomes with the Enterprises Vision & Mission?

This book is aimed at Consultants, Product Managers, Management, DevOps Engineers and Stakeholders who what to make better use of the opportunities that Lean and DevOps can provide. By formalising the management techniques and tools employed within DevOps, thus enables stakeholders to better align with the enterprises’ vision. You can put in place controls and approaches that are designed to help develop people and processes, so DevOps tasks can be better aligned with the purpose of the enterprise.

Within the book you will be able to explore;

  • What is Product Management and SDLC?
  • What is DevOps?
  • What is Lean?
  • Relationships between DevOps, Lean and Product Management
  • Formalising a workflow to help implement Lean DevOps
  • Adoption of Lean & DevOps as a management process
  • How to get ahead of your competition