Product Strategy & Roadmaps: Product Management ShortRead Series
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Product Strategy & Roadmaps

By: Linda Gorchels


You’ve heard about the importance of listening to your customers as you work on product strategy. And you’ve probably filled out untold numbers of templates. But do you ever feel there are templates, templates everywhere, but not a stop to think? I challenge you to take the time to stop a minute…to think about your strategies, platforms, roadmaps and customer listening approaches. How much effort do you spend on sustaining versus transformative versus disruptive growth? Can you adapt learnings from Lego, 3M, Gore-Tex, Motorola and others? Would a beachhead strategy work for you? It’s time for you to find out. This is not a book about product development. It’s about the strategy that precedes development.

Elevate your product thinking beyond business as usual. And do it for less than the cost of lunch.

The book contains numerous self-reflection questions, and provides a host of suggested resources to help you dive deeper into specific topics. And as is the case with the entire ShortRead series, there is a greater emphasis on non-software products than on software products.