Strategic Product Management according to Open Product Management Workflow: The book on Product Management that explains the Product Managers tasks step ... useful tools as applied in practice
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Strategic Product Management according to Open Product Management Workflow

By: Frank Lemser


The book »Strategic Product Management« is the introduction to the topic of Product Management according to Open Product Management Workflow.

Note: the tools and templates, which are mentioned in the book, are deliberately not included, but will be issued in the trainings, as their application needs to be explained and exercised under guidance in practical examples.

Additionally the book can be downloaded as PDF for free on the proProduktmanagement website.

Besides general questions about tasks and how to organize Product Management as well as roles in Product Management, the book offers a step by step explanation of how to get to a decision proposal or business plan, which is based exclusively on market facts. This way bad investments are avoided and discussions about strategies and future products are reduced.

The exemplary product called »SelfBackup« shows comprehensibly, how you develop an innovative product on the basis of market facts. Starting from interviews with market participants, identifying problems and persona and simple analyses you are enabled to derive all strategies required for the consolidated business plan which is the end result of the workflow.
In addition, the book »Strategic Product Management« contains numerous other tips and practical examples.

This book is the first one in the series and the basis for the subsequent books »Technical Product Management« and »Successful Go-to-Market« according to Open Product Management Workflow.

As mentioned above you can download the book »Strategic Product Management« on the proProduktmanagement website for free and read about the importance of strategic and market-driven Product Management. Thus, you create the basis for further steps such as Technical Product Management as well as Successful Go-to-Market.