The Profound Impact of Product Line Strategy: Your Guide to Highly Productive Innovation and Product Management
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The Profound Impact of Product Line Strategy

By: Paul O'Connor


Is your product line faltering? Is your organization running as fast as it can without gaining on competition, growing the business, or increasing customer satisfaction? In The Profound Impact of Product Line Strategy world-renowned expert, Paul O'Connor talks straight about how to turn poor product lines into great ones and start superb new product line strategies from scratch.

An innovation and product management consultant to some of the world's biggest and best companies, O'Connor lays out the essence of great product line strategies. And he shows how to carry them out expertly. Through description, cases, graphics, and dozens of practical examples, O'Connor shows how large organizations realize the enormous benefits of great product line strategies.
- How to spot poor product line strategy and turn them around
- How to increase a product line's contribution to business growth
- How to measure and redirect product line strategy execution
- How to use innovation to amplify a product line's impact
- How to use roadmaps, metrics, and software solutions to boost a product line's performance

Product lines are only as good as organizations make them. The easy-to-adapt framework laid out in The Profound Impact of Product Line Strategy is a complete blueprint for getting the most from product lines. If you want to boost your product line's strategy and keep it on track, this book is for you.